ZooShare Biogas Plant

Angus Power is a member of the ZooShare co-op, a development partnership to construct North American’s first community-owned anaerobic digester to manage the zoo’s green waste and manure. The biogas plant will process approximately 3,000 tonnes of zoo manure and 15,000 tonnes of grocery store...

Woodbine Bio Digester

Angus Power contracted with Woodbine Entertainment Group to perform full technology and business analysis for a 40,000 tonne anaerobic digester.

A conceptual design of a multi-substrate digester was completed, following evaluation of manure, kitchen waste, brewery waste grain, and wastewater...

Dairy Digester

This project offers dairy farmers a low cost approach to anaerobic digestion. The average dairy farmer milking less than 100 head can produce between 1500 and 2300 cubic feet of gas per day. Using this biomethane to fuel boilers, furnaces and gas fired chillers, Angus Power can help lower high energy...