Company Profile


Angus Power was formed as a natural extension of consulting engineering services for the power sector. HH Angus senior managers had taken note of the failures that can occur when projects do not have a single point of responsibility: work is divided up, assumptions are made about who owns what task and the design specification wanders between contractors and suppliers. The result can be that vital tasks are omitted, the system does not meet the client’s specifications and the project is, at best, late.

The EPC, or design/build approach, focuses all responsibility – from specification to commissioning – into a single point. It builds a cost-efficient, well-engineered project, one that puts management of all supplier interfaces and contractual deliverables under the management of an experienced EPC contractor, such as Angus Power.

While the final choice rests with the client to select the technology that will best meet their needs – gas, solar or digestion – Angus Power can make recommendations based on the specific use for the electrical or thermal power to be generated. It’s also important to note that Angus Power is ‘technology agnostic’, with no financial interest in or bias toward any particular technology; we consider it a key service responsibility to help you decide on the best technology for your site.

Between Angus Power and HH Angus, our team has designed and/or built power plants on every continent, under many different regulatory authorities, using gas, diesel, solar, biogas and wind as motive power. The plants range from a few kilowatts to over 200 MW.

While the industry continues to face challenges from changing regulations, the demand from consumers for clean, sustainable energy grows louder and louder. We’re excited about the coming opportunities for renewable energy generation, both in Canada and internationally. At Angus Power, we are always pleased to discuss your energy generation needs and how we can help.