ANGUS POWER, a subsidiary of HH Angus and Associates, offers seamless EPC turnkey services for the renewable energy market. We continue HH Angus’ company-wide focus on sustainability, specifically on the distributed, renewable technologies of Solar, Biogas and Wind for small to medium-sized power plants. We are responsible for all aspects of project delivery, from planning and layout, design and regulatory applications, permitting, connection impact and design, procurement of all systems and services, logistics, construction and commissioning.

To ensure seamless and successful delivery of our clients’ renewable energy system needs, ANGUS POWER serves as the single point of responsibility. Customers rely on ANGUS POWER’S authoritative experience in financing, engineering, land use, government applications and financial analysis.

ANGUS POWER’S parent company, HH Angus & Associates Limited, was formed in 1919. Today, it is one of Canada’s oldest and largest private consulting engineering firms. HH Angus is part of the Angus Group, with more than 500 employees and expertise in building services and process engineering design, facilities management, power generation, energy modeling, prime consulting and software design.

Since its inception, HH Angus has been providing Mechanical and Electrical consulting engineering services to a broad range of clients. It has built a reputation for delivering superior engineering design and innovative building solutions to industry leaders, in Canada and in select locations in the world. HH Angus has a long history of generation projects connected to the grid in Ontario, even before the market opened up for distributed generation.

ANGUS POWER and HH Angus are an ideal team, committed to delivering successful projects thorough client communication, fully understanding distinct client needs and applying the strategies and technologies that will provide the greatest immediate and long-term benefit to client operations.