National Media Picks Up On Flywheel Power Project

Recent articles in the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star highlight a balance issue with the power grid. The increased presence of energy on the grid from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, presents the challenge of maintaining optimal power availability, since the output from these sources varies widely throughout the day due to weather conditions.  Until generators can turn off or on to manage the changing load requirements, the grid needs a second-by-second method of managing constant changes in electricity demand.

Angus Power’s client, Temporal Power, is testing a flywheel project to address this need. Their installation uses power from the grid to start flywheel cylinders spinning (and creating energy), and then uses the energy stored in the spinning flywheels to feed power back into the grid when it’s needed.  If successful on a large scale, this is one technology that could help the Province avoid having to pay for stand-by power when it’s not required.

Angus Power’s role on the Temporal Power project included construction management, electrical engineering and site commissioning. Temporal Power is owned by energy storage developer NRStor Inc.

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