Office Building Installation
HH Angus and Associates


This 10kW Solar PV project was commissioned by Angus Power’s parent company, HH Angus and Associates, a strong proponent of the technology.  Installed on the roof of a single-storey building in mid-town Toronto, the system consists of rooftop racking, solar panels, two 5kW inverters and other electrical components, plus a monitoring system for displaying power output in the company’s lobby. The project included a study to recommend the optimal solution to the client, who determined that the roof was best left untouched. With that in mind, the solar panels were sited on rooftop racking that does not penetrate the roof and can be moved or replaced with no damage to the roof.

The project is FIT (Feed In Tariff) compliant and is currently generating electricity. Angus Power performed all necessary pre-installation steps, including initial feasibility and financial assessments. The roof was analyzed for snow, wind and structural loads. As well engineering the system, tendering and procurement, contracting of construction was performed internally by Angus Power. The system was built to meet all building codes and regulatory requirements of the Ontario Power Authority, Toronto Hydro, and the Electrical Safety Authority.

Office Building Installation